Sustainable Construction

Swedish companies in the field of green buildings and infrastructure enjoy a global reputation for their methods and usage of innovative technologies. Wooden building technology and low-energy housing solutions are areas where Sweden is at the forefront.

The construction industry worldwide is growing at a rapid pace and offers great potential for Swedish companies. The main drivers of this growth are a greater focus on corporate social responsibility, higher energy costs, and government tax incentives. Sweden has a long tradition in the sector and has many leading-edge companies and advanced research in the field of green buildings and infrastructure.

Sustainable urban development in Sweden

Every year about 50 million people move to urban areas worldwide. Urbanisation is unlikely to stop because cities offer better educational, social and economic opportunities and services.To be able to manage these vast population movements, new ways of thinking about infrastructure and buildings must be adopted.

Innovative technologies and services are needed in energy and water efficiency, heating and cooling, urban planning, green roofs, renewable materials and indoor environment quality, and Swedish companies have extensive know-how in this sector. In Sweden, a number of towns and city districts have incorporated sustainability into their planning, generating many success stories within the sector by using innovative and sustainable solutions and becoming international role models in urban development.

More and more countries are learning about Sweden’s model for sustainable city planning. In order to export Swedish know-how and expertise in this sector and offer complete system solutions, a conceptual framework and guide for sustainable urban development has been described, called SymbioCityexternal link, opens in new window .

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